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Welcome to Floral Exports

Bulk Dried Flowers, Sola Flowers, Florist Ornaments Wholesale Supplies

Spent significant time in different kind of Bulk Dried Flowers, Sola Flowers, Florist Ornaments Wholesale Supplies and Manufacturer from India, Kolkata

Floral Exports, we are producer and exporters of wide assortment of Exotic Dried, Dried Flowers, Sola Flowers, Shola Wood Flowers, Bowl Filler Balls, Decorative Balls, Lata Balls,Wicker Balls, Brunch Ball, Handmade Flowers, Coco Fiber , Dried Parts of Plants, Floral Arrangements, Christmas Decorations, Pot-pourri, Artificial Flowers and other Decoration Items/Ornaments, Floral Florist Supplies from India, Kolkata.

We are an association with our impressions on all European nations, Middle East Asia, Japan, U.S.A, Canada, Australia and Latin America, spread everywhere throughout the world, however here we trust, it’s insufficient to consider our vanity, We can take into account correct necessity of our clients who are for the most part chain store, wholesalers and Importers and we can execute the requests even at a short notice time. We have an extensive variety of bundling alternatives to meet our client’s prerequisite.

We are a family possessed and worked organization whose objective is to furnish you with fantastic items at sensible costs. Dried Flowers is exceptionally touchy and sensitive business and it is just conceivable to deliver great quality by gaining from your awful encounters and not rehashing them in Future. We are happy to state that our genuinely persevering, legitimate and earnest group laborers are the key of progress.

Our other websites is http://driedexotics.com